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My name is MaryBeth Morris.  I currently work in Special Education for Sacramento City Unified School District. I have been serving families and students for over 17 years. I am excited to finish my program at Concordia University to become a school counselor. Thank you for stopping by to look at my work. 


BA in Business Management

Univeristy of Phoenix

MA in Special Education

National University

MA in Education with a PPS Credential

Concordia University


List of SCPE's

List of scpes

  • SCPE 1: Foundations of School Counseling Professional Standards 

  • SCPE 2: Professionalism, Ethics, and Legal Mandates 

  • SCPE 3: Student Academic Development 

  • SCPE 4: Student College and Career Development 

  • SCPE 5: Social/Emotional Development 

  • SCPE 6: Educational Foundations: Growth & Development, Learning, Academic Achievement 

  • SCPE 7: Leadership and Advocacy in Social Justice, Equity, and Access 

  • SCPE 8: Program Development 

  • SCPE 9: Research, Program Evaluation, and Technology 

Scpe One: Assignments

These assignments show how a school counselor would use Scpe one as a school counselor. One assignment is job shadowing a counselor and the second assignment is explaining the role of a school counselor. 

Scpe 2: Legal and Ethics

Assignment One: Is a power point based on Special Education Laws.

Assignment Two: Is the right to express Freedom of speech in the first Ammendment.


Scpe Three: Academic Support.

Assignment one is a Respect Yourself and Others lesson plan for a school-wide assembly. This is based on Tier One.

The second Assignment is a case study on Sam. How would Teir two help Sam?

Scpe 4 College and Career

Assignment One Is a PowerPoint presentation for CCGI. I coordinated with other employees and presented.

Assignment Two is SCUSD Cash For College workshops. 

Scpe 5 Social and Emotional

First assignment is a 504 plan designed to help a struggling student.

Second assignment is a bullying poster about how important it is to stop if when we see it happening.

Scpe 6: Educational Growth

Assignment One: This explains the behaviors of development in the classroom.

Assignment Two is a mandated certificate that we needed to take to pass our Growth Class. 

Scpe 7 Leadership and equity

Two different case studies where I took leadership and did risk assessments. 

Scpe 8 Program Development 

First Assignment is  a lesson plan on teaching elementary students the danger of talking to strangers.

Assignment Two is a paper that talks about different types of data used to create a counseling program. 

Scpe 9: Technology

Assignment One explains the type of hardware and software used in the classroom.

Assignment Two is a fun flyer that I made using word for a lunch bunch group. 

Thank you for visiting my site. Have a great day. Below is a great way to contact me if you have any questions. 





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